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The Kansai International Airport flexibly supports the various needs of our customers by preparing a variety of sheds and offices at the cargo facility. The benefits offer occupants a very comfortable working environment; facilities include multiple break areas, and even convenience facilities that include showers, and more.
Call any time to talk to us about becoming an occupant or any other facility-related inquiry.

Cargo zone

Buildings recruiting occupants

1st island international cargo zone

Domestic cargo zone

Room plan


Sheds with an area of 500 m2 and higher are available.

* No current vacancies


Rooms with an area of 300 m2 to 500 m2 are available.

* Vacancies occur periodically. Call to find out the current status of occupancy.

Benefit guide

The benefits do not simply stop at providing space. The airport offers a variety of facilities in the cargo zone to allow occupants to work in a comfortable environment.

Break areas

Many different types of work are conducted behind the scenes in the cargo zone. For that reason, the airport offers facilities that flexibly respond to the wide range of worker requirements. Break areas include a coffee shop that has a smoking area, and a women-only break room. Many of the airport workers enjoy these facilities.

Coffee shop

Break areas

Women-only break room

Meeting rooms

Rental meeting rooms are available for employers to use when needed.

Use fees
¥3,000/hour (tax not included)
3rd floor of the 2nd international cargo agent building
Approx. 160 m2, approx. 110 m2
20 tables (for 2-3 people)
100 chairs; white board
Other equipment
Microphones, speakers and the like
(equipment can be rented for ¥1,000 (tax not included)

Meeting room 1

Meeting room 2

Use of AV equipment

Convenience stores

There are two convenience stores in the cargo zone. Of these, one shop is equipped with a 24-hour shower room that can be used by employees working at the cargo zone. This convenience store also sells towels and soap and other similar products.

View of the convenience store

Shower room


Flow of agreement

  1. 1 Consult

    Consult with the staff in charge to determine with potential occupants the candidate facility in light of the size of their business, and how the facility will be used. An estimate will be drafted based on the estimate/area and equipment in the facility.

  2. 2 An estimate drafted

    An estimate will be drafted based on area and equipment in the facility.

  3. 3 Determine the facility to occupy

    The facility will be determined upon agreement to the estimate. From there the agreement will be drafted for both parties to sign.

  4. 4 Agreement concluded


Visitors coming by car

  • After passing through the toll gate on the connecting bridge, enter the right lane and proceed along the guide to the international cargo zone.
  • When you go straight to in front of the airport police, you will arrive at the security gate.
  • Go to the inspection procedures in the security zone in the temporary inspection lane at the security gate.

* Visitors must present a form of identification such as a driver’s license when obtaining a temporary inspection certificate.

Visitors coming by train

  • Exit the gate at JR or the Nankai Electric Railway Kansai International Airport
  • A bus station called In Front of Airport Terminal is located at the bottom of the stairs along the path toward the Aeroplaza.
  • Go through reception at the bus station and obtain a temporary inspection certificate to take the bus to the international cargo zone.

* Visitors must present a form of identification such as a driver’s license when obtaining a temporary inspection certificate.


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