Flow of departure and arrival

* T2: Customers using Peach

* Passengers on international Peach flights arrive at the Terminal 1 Building until March 23, 2023. Visitors picking up passengers should come to the 1st floor of the Terminal 1 Building.

* Passengers on international Peach flights will arrive at the Terminal 2 Building starting March 24, 2023. Please be sure to come to the right building.

Connections (transit) guide

Connection guide from Terminal 1 Building to Terminal 2 Building

Terminal 1 and 2 Buildings are approximately 4 kilometers apart.
To move between the terminal buildings, use the free shuttle bus that travels between the Aeroplaza and the Terminal 2 Building. (Time required: 7-9 minutes)

Moving between buildings may take time, so allow plenty of time to travel between terminal buildings.