Strengths of KIX


Japan’s only fully, 24-hour operational airport that has multiple 4,000-meter class runways
Land for expanding the cargo terminal (Approx. 170 ha on stage 2 island)

Physical benefits

Positioned at the entrance to northeast Asia makes the airport a relay point for Asia and the world (Europe and the Americas)

Massive demand regions

Plants for industries that have a bright future are centralized in the Kansai region.
Lithium, solar battery-related businesses, pharmaceutical-related businesses

24-hour operation

Short lead-time model

Cool chain

Efforts to be the only airport for shipping medicines

Joint fixed-temperature storage for medicines First in Japan

From the autumn of 2010, a joint fixed-temperature storage for medicines has been offered in Kansai International Airport.

KIX Medica


Floor area 750m2
Temperature control range 20°C = approximately 650 m2, 5°C = approximately 100 m2
Largest handling capacity Approximately 1,200 tons/month

Cold dolly First at an airport in Japan

From the summer of 2012, operations began at the airport for a dolly (hand truck) that is temperature-controlled.


Conceptual view

Load One palette 88 inches x 96 inches up to 160 cm in height, or one LD3 container
Temperature control range 20 - 25°C
Holding time Approx. 2 hours

Complete cool-chain shipping is possible by using KIX Medica and the cold dolly.

Cool chain shipping is possible!

From the aircraft, to inside the airport (KIX), and in-city storage by fixed temperature truck, controls the temperature to the pharmaceutical plant on a fixed-temperature truck - keeping everything cool!