Strengths of KIX


Japan’s only 24h operational airport with multiple 4000-meter runways.
Area for expanding the cargo terminal: approximately 170 ha on Stage 2 Island.

Geographical benefits

Its position at the entrance of Northeast Asia makes the airport a gateway for Asia and the world (Europe and the Americas).

Massive demand regions

Strategic and promising industry plants are centralized in the Kansai region, such as lithium, solar battery and pharmaceutical-related businesses.

24-hour operation

Short lead-time model

Cool chain

Efforts to be the only airport for shipping medicines

Joint fixed-temperature storage for medicines First in Japan

From the autumn of 2010, a joint fixed-temperature storage for medicines has been offered in Kansai International Airport.

KIX Medica


Floor area 750m2
Temperature control range 20°C = approximately 650 m2, 5°C = approximately 100 m2
Largest handling capacity Approximately 1,200 tons/month

Cold dolly First at an airport in Japan

From the summer of 2012, operations began at the airport for a dolly (hand truck) that is temperature-controlled.


Conceptual view

Load One palette 88 inches x 96 inches up to 160 cm in height, or one LD3 container
Temperature control range 20 - 25°C
Holding time Approx. 2 hours

Complete cool-chain shipping is possible by using KIX Medica and the cold dolly.

Cool chain shipping is possible!

From the aircraft, to inside the airport (KIX), and in-city storage by fixed temperature truck, controls the temperature to the pharmaceutical plant on a fixed-temperature truck - keeping everything cool!