Inquiries regarding lost and found items in the terminal building

Reception desk: Available for different locations corresponding to where items were lost

Regarding lost and found items, the contact number varies according to the place where the item was lost. Please check the contact information in charge of the applicable location or area.

See here for contact information of each location

* Except these location or area listed above, please submit your inquiry form.

Click here to create and submit your “Lost Property Inquiry Form”

Other inquiries

Airline companies

  • Size and weight restrictions of baggages (checked-in and carry-on), prohibited carry-on items, lost or damaged items, delayed arrivals
  • Airline fares and bookings
  • Message to passengers (Contact your airline).

See contact information on airlines that operate from Kansai International Airport



JR West Customer Center open in new tab

(When calling from a landline; only the local calling fees apply)

(When calling from a mobile phone; fees apply)

Nankai Electric Railway - Kansai Airport Station open in new tab 072-456-6203


Nankai Bus Corporation open in new tab
For Senboku New Town / Kawachi-nagano and Airport bus
(Lost and found / Operations)
Other limousine buses
Kansai Airport Transporation Enterpriseopen in new tab
(Information / Lost and found)


Kansai International Airport Taxi Management Committee
(Taxi, Jumbo Taxi)
MK Sky Gate Shuttle (MK Taxi) open in new tab
(Shared taxi)
Yasaka Kansai Shuttleopen in new tab
(Shared taxi)

High-speed ferry

Kobe-Kansai Airport Bay Shuttle open in new tab
(Kansai <=> Kobe Airport)
Reservation Center: 078-304-0033
(9:00AM to 6:00PM)

* For inquiries outside the above business hours
(6:00PM to 10:00PM)

Restaurants / Shops / Duty Free Shops

Services and Facilities

CIQ agency

Things that can be imported / Customs fees

Osaka Customs, Kansai Airport Branch Customs 072-455-1600

Passport check

Osaka Immigration Bureau, Kansai Airport Branch 072-455-1453

Health related inquiries

Kansai Airport Quarantine Station 072-455-1283

Import/Export of animals and meat products

Animal Quarantine, Station Kansai Airport Branch 072-455-1956

Import/Export of plants

Kobe Plant Protection Station, Kansai Airport Branch 072-455-1936


Kansai Airport Police Station (Osaka Prefectural Police) 072-456-1234

Kansai Airport Information / Flight Information Telephone Service

Inquiries and comments can be sent via email in a special form from the button below. For urgent matters, please contact us by phone.

Reception desk: Airport Information

TEL: 072-455-2500
Automated response system with voice guidance for 24 hours

FAX: 072-455-2914

* There have been many cases of mistake phone calls. Please make sure the number is correct when placing a call.

When you call the Airport Information, the automatic voice guidance will be played back as follows. Please operate according to the instructions.

How to call the Airport Information
(Automated response system with voice guidance for 24 hours)

Call the Airport Information at 072-455-2500(Available 24 hours)

Automated voice response

This is the information desk of Kansai International Airport.
If you would like to hear today's departure and arrival flight schedule, press 1. If you would like to receive the today's flight list as a FAX, press 2. If you would like to speak with an operator, press 3.

  1. 1 Automated voice response

    If you would like to hear information of domestic flights in Japan, press 1. If you would like to hear information of international flights, press 2. If you would like to speak with an operator, press 3.

  2. 2 FAX reception
  3. 3 Connect to an operator

Lost and Found

Please use this "Lost Property Inquiry Form" to report items you may have lost in our airport.

Inquiries/Opinions by E-mail

Click the button below to contact KIX by e-mail. KIX welcomes your feedback and ideas.
Please note in advance that it may take some time for us to respond to inquiries submitted at weekends, on public holidays or during New Year’s holidays and other long holidays. If you would like an answer quickly, please make your inquiry by phone.

+81-(0)72-455-2500 (Airport Information 24h)

Before inputting your inquiry, please be aware of the following.

  • Depending on the contents of your inquiry, we may not be able to give you a reply.
  • Please contact your airline regarding questions about lost/damaged baggage or flight delay.
  • We do not answer questions regarding the following.
    • Information regarding the operations, employment, or finances of Kansai Airport
    • Inquiries and offers for business transactions.
    • Requests for pamphlets, maps, or tours
    • Public transportation schedules etc.
  • Any answer given by our company is provided in response to a specific inquiry or comment voiced by the customer, so we ask that our answers, in whole or in part, not be passed on or used for a secondary purpose.
  • Depending on your inquiry, the company in charge may contact you directly.

For the questions below, please refer to 【Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website open in new tab】.

  • General inquiry of COVID-19(coronavirus)
  • Inquiries about COVID-19 related entry and quarantine issues

If you are traveling abroad from Japan, please check all information disclosed by the country that issued your passport, the embassy/consulate at each destination, and local health authorities.