To merchant corporations

Flow of airport exports

Implements cargo pick-up service/baggage pick-up service for flights Conveys to forwarder storage shed/weight and size examinations  Examines documentation and cargo when declaring export/making declarations  Conveys to airline company roof/stores until transfer to aircraft ULD assembly; Loads aircraft after build up to aircraft conveyance/ULD (Unit Load Device)

Flow of airport imports

Delivery  Arrival/cargo arrives at airport  Airline roof/conveyance to duty region in cargo zone Unloading/removal of ULD When doing so, checks items such as quantity and status.  Implements examinations and inspections of import declarations/declaration contents After loading and conveyance, cargo is loaded onto a truck at the truck dock.

KIX Strengths

Shortened lead-time through late-night flight utilization

The most late-night/early-morning flights in Japan operate out of the Kansai International Airport. By utilizing late-night/early-morning flights, it is possible to set shipment times later than ordinary flights in cases where parts are being shipped to assembly plants worldwide. For that reason, it is possible to reduce storage costs and to shorten the overall lead-time from the shipper to the delivery destination.

Facilities support temperature controls.

Kansai International Airport is the first in Japan to offer joint fixed temperature storage specifically for medical purposes. By offering these services, it is possible to ship medicines, farm and marine products with complex temperature requirements to meet shipper demands.