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Landing fee and aircraft parking fee

Landing fee


* International flights are exempt from tax

* 50% OFF for late-night/early-morning (AM1:00 - AM5:59) arrival

Aircraft parking fee Price

¥15/ton each 15min

* International flights are exempt from tax, tax is separate for domestic flights

* Free for for late-night/early-morning (AM1:00 - AM5:59) arrival

Exemption time 360min free for Cargo Aircrafts

* Landing fees and parking fees are calculated for the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of the aircraft.


Growth Incentive

* Short: Shorter than 3,000km

** Mid & Long: 3,000km or over from KIX

* Distance is measured between the origin of the flight and KIX.

Kansai International Airport International Cargo Area
Cargo Warehouse

  Company name Telephone Number Location
ANA Cargo Export: 072-434-8660
Import: 072-434-8680
Domestic: 072-434-8733
ANA Cargo Building
CKTS Export: 072-456-5051
Import: 072-456-5081
CKTS Cargo Building
JALKAS Export: 072-455-3150
Import: 072-455-3160
Domestic: 072-455-3177
JAL Export Cargo Building
JAL Import Cargo Building
Korean Air Cargo Branch Export: 072-456-5122 Export Cargo Building Nol.1
Swissport Japan Export & Import: 072-456-8733 International Cargo Warehouse A