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Copyrights to all content listed on this website, including text, and images and the like belong to Kansai Airports and content providers. Excluding when use of this information is permitted by the copyright, such as for person use or as a citation, this information may not be used for reprint, duplication, public broadcast signals, translation, sales or loan or the like without permission from Kansai Airports, regardless of the purpose of use. In the event that there are copyright holders other than Kansai Airports, permission must also be granted by those copyright holders.


“Citation” permitted by the copyright holder means that it is in accord with fair practice. Use for purposes of the press, criticism, or research or the like must be implemented within a reasonable scope. The following are in accord with fair practices and are within a reasonable scope for purposes. The following conditions must be met.

  • 1. By necessity, the copyright owner will cite the scope of use.
  • 2. Qualitatively and quantitatively, the source of the citation is primary; the cited portion subordinate.
  • 3. The main text and cited portion are clearly differentiated.

Also, citations must clearly show the source.

Site links

As a general rule, links to the website can be freely offered. However, links are not allowed at sites whose content violates public morals, for the purpose of profiting from illegal use, or inflicting damage upon the company, or when the content violates laws or ordinances, or deemed to include such content.

As a general rule, the URL to be set for the link destination should be top page. ( ) Direct links to content partway on the page, or in the page are not allowed because there is the possibility of not communicating properly information to users.

Please clearly indicate the link is to the Kansai Airports company website where you set a link.
In the event that a link is set to the website, Kansai Airports would liked to be notified of the following, if there are no conflicts.
This information will be used to understand the status of our website use.

  • 1. Website address
  • 2. The general reason for the link
  • 3. Link destination (mail address or the like)

The content listed in other homepages that set a link from our website is the responsibility of the homepage administrator. Kansai Airports does not guarantee the content of that homepage.


'KIX', 'Kanku', 'Kansai Airport' and 'Kansai International Airport' of label, logo, title and service marks etc. are all trademarks of Kansai Aiports. Any use of these trademarks must be authorized by Kansai Airports.

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* Depending on the combination of browser and OS, or the communication environment, website behavior and display may not be normal, even under the operating environment described above.

* Operation systems and browsers offered by each company are periodically upgraded to add new features or to strengthen security. We recommend always upgrading your OS or browser to the latest version.

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