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9:00 to 22:30 (last order 22:00)
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46 seats
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Udon and soba noodles made with genuine dashi stock, freshly cooked tempura, piping hot rice bowls

A Japanese restaurant serving udon and soba noodles or rice bowl dishes, made with select ingredients prepared in our kitchens.Our dashi (soup stock) is carefully cooked everyday onsite using prime kombu (kelp) and bonito.
We also recommend our tempura dishes, fried fresh with each order, and our pork cutlet rice bowl featuring extra-thick Herb Sangenton pork (herb-fed, three-crossbred pig).

Set tray meal of tempura

A set meal consisting of freshly-fried tempura, tuna sashimi topped with grated yam, noodle dishes (udon, soba, hot or cold), small dishes, pickles, and white rice.

Meat udon

Our most popular noodle dish!
Udon noodles made fresh on the premises and an authentic soup stock, plus meat from black-haired Japanese cows.

Pork cutlet rice bowl

Our most popular item!
Pork cutlet rice bowl featuring extra-thick Herb Sangenton pork (herb-fed, three-crossbred pig) with tender egg.
Packed full of volume!

Zaru (dipping) soba noodles with tempura

Enjoy our homemade gowari soba and freshly-cooked tempura.
The dipping sauce is also homemade.

Pork cutlet curry udon

Pork cutlets with Herb Sangenton pork (herb-fed, three-crossbred pig) on a curry udon containing meat.
The meat is from Japanese black-haired cows.

Japanese sake

We serve Japanese sake from local breweries in Osaka and Nara.
Goshun by Ikeda Brewery [Tokugin (Ginjo High Quality Sake)],
Harushika by S. Imanishi Co. [Daiginjo Top Quality Sake (Junmai Daiginjo pure sake with no added alcohol)], Harushika Extry Dry (Junmai pure sake with no added alcohol), and Harushika Hakuteki (Junmai Ginjo pure sake with no added alcohol)]

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