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Takoyaki, akashiyaki, yakisoba

Take me with you when you go! TAKOMASA takoyaki is the true taste of Osaka! Try out the authentic taste of TAKOMASA's takoyaki or akashiyaki, straight from Dotonbori. We have a variety of products available for gifts, such as frozen and boxed items.

Soy sauce-flavored takoyaki

Soy sauce-flavored takoyaki is a popular item from TAKOMASA of Dotonbori, Osaka. Each individual ball is cooked in a copper frying tin. Add your preferred sauce to the takoyaki.  (8 balls for 640 yen, including tax)

Akashiyaki with soup

A highly popular item! Made from a base of egg and mature soy sauce cooked in a special copper tin and turned by hand with bamboo chopsticks to reach the right softness. Dip in the delicious soup for a mouth-watering treat. (8 balls for 780 yen, including tax)

Spring onion takoyaki

Just can't get enough of those spring onions! Great amounts of green spring onions are used and fried in soy sauce until golden brown. Add your preferred sauce to the takoyaki. (8 balls for 720 yen, including tax)

Cheese takoyaki

An unforgettable taste!
The combination of melted cheese and soy sauce-flavored takoyaki is absolutely perfect. Very popular for children too. (8 balls for 760 yen, including tax)


The very best pork okonomiyaki!
The absolute peak of Osakan okonomiyaki tradition.
(Pork okonomiyaki 780 yen, including tax)


Doteyaki (beef, miso and mirin stew) is a specialty of Osaka.
Beef sinew and konjac are used in large amounts, simmered slowly with red and white miso. Add green spring onions or hot red pepper powder to your taste.
(1 plate 510 yen, including tax)

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