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Terminal 1 2F / Before security MAP

Operating hours
Weekday AM8:30~PM3:00(Last orders at 2:30)
Weekend AM7:30~PM3:00 PM5:00~PM8:00
No. of seats
48 seats
Telephone Number
Credit card
Credit cards accepted
Handling service
Complimentary amenities
KIX CARD perk: 10% discount on meal price

Self-service udon noodle restaurant

Located on the second floor of Terminal 1 Building, our restaurant specializes in self-serve sanukui udon noodles. You can customize your udon according to the type and size of the noodles and toppings. We also serve oden, tempura and rice balls. We use Halal ingredients only, so Muslim travelers can try our dishes with peace of mind.

Oden corner

We have oden dishes available such as skewered beef (300 yen), eggs (140 yen), chikuwa (140 yen) and daikon (140 yen). This item is Halal.

Tempura corner

We serve a variety of tempura types, including prawn tempura (230 yen), chicken tempura (200 yen), and squid tempura (200 yen). These are Halal.

Rice ball corner

Salmon rice ball, inari (bean curd), kashiwa rice ball (mixed with chicken and vegetables), all 150 yen 

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