Kansai Airport Information Desks

Information Center

Kansai Airport Information Desk staff

The Information Center coordinates all airport information services. The Center can help with everything from information concerning flights, access, and airport facilities, to accepting lost children, and lending wheelchairs and pushchairs.

  • Information: +81(0)72-455-2500
  • Hours: Open 24 hours

We are receiving increasing numbers of wrong calls. Please verify the phone number before you make a phone call.

All information center inquiries, will be directed first to an automatic answering service. Follow the audio directions for information regarding the service you require.


Terminal 1 Building 2F:
Terminal 2 Building Public area (International):

Inquiries regarding Lost Property

The point of contact depends on where the item was lost, but feel free to consult airport staff. Call Kansai International Airport Information Center (+81(0)72-455-2500). Or for direct inquiries within the airport, in Terminal 1, go to the Information Center at 2F North, or the Information Counter on each floor; in Terminal 2, go to the Information Center.
Note that for items lost outside the area for which the New Kansai International Airport Company is responsible, we will inform you of who to contact when you inquire. For your information, below is a list of contact numbers for various locations within the airport complex.

Area Direct inquiries to: Phone
International Departures - Gates - Customs and Immigration Kansai International Airport Customs Terminal 1 Building
Terminal 2 Building
On the Plane / Check-in Counter Airlines Locate your airline
In the Airport Station / In the train JR Kansai Airport Station +81(0)570-00-2486
Nankai - Kansai Airport Station +81(0)72-456-6203
Ferry Terminal / On the Ferry To Kobe +81(0)78-304-0033
On the Bus Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise
(Limousine Bus)
Guest Rooms / Lobby of Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport +81(0)72-455-1111

Information Center Staff

The friendly staff who work in the Information Center, the Information Counters, and the Telephone Center are happy to help with any inquiries. Female staff are easily recognizable by their yellow uniforms, and male staff by their grey jackets with a yellow line on their collar.

Information Counters

There are a total of 8 Information Counters at the airport which can be identified by their question mark “?” signs. In Terminal 1, two are at the north and south ends of 1F, one is at the center of 2F, one is at the center of 4F, and two are at the center of the International Gate Area. In Terminal 2, two are in the public areas (international and domestic).


Terminal 1 Building 1F:
International Gate Area Center:
Terminal 2 Building Public area (International):
Public area (Domestic):

Courtesy Telephone

If you need to know anything about Kansai International Airport, call this number. One of our friendly staff will happily answer your questions.


Terminal 1 Building International Gate Area North Wing:
International Gate Area South Wing:
Terminal 2 Building International Gate Area:

Kansai International Airport Information Center (Telephone Center)

The Telephone Center handles all phone inquiries related to KIX. It operates 24 hours a day, and responds to requests for information regarding flights, facilities, airport access, and lost property.

* NB For inquiries regarding ticket bookings, seat availability and property lost on-board aircraft, please contact the relevant airline.

  • Information: +81(0)72-455-2500
  • Hours: Open 24 hours

We are receiving increasing numbers of wrong calls. Please verify the phone number before you make a phone call.