Group Tour Plan

About Group Tour Plan


KIX Observation Hall “Sky View” is temporary closed and we do not accept group tours reservations for a while as well. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Sky Museum

Sky Museum

Location Main Hall 3F
Hours 10:00 - 18:00

* One tour of the Sky Museum accommodates up to 100 people. If your group includes more than 100 people, please divide people into groups that include a small number of people.

* Sold out bookings are not available even by reservation. General visitors may come to the museum any time.

* The kids’ room in the Sky Museum is unavailable for use during group visits.

* Eating and drinking are not allowed in the Sky Museum.


Motorcoach parking is available free of charge for groups with reservations.

* Parking area is available at cost for ordinary private vehicle use. (¥100 - ¥110/20 minutes)

Dining room

A dining room is available for groups. Offers a view of the aircraft. (Charged)

Dining room for groups

Location Entrance Hall 3F
Capacity 100 people
Charge ¥2,040 (one hour; one group)
Reservation Requires a reservation (Same as facility tour)

Visitors may take a lunch box out onto the deck when the weather is fine. (Requires a reservation; free of charge)

Call directly by telephone for details or inquiries.


Kansai International Airport Observation Hall Sky View
Tel: 072-455-2082 (Hours: Weekdays 10:00 to 16:00)
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Kansai International Airport Observation Hall SkyView
1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano 549-0001, Osaka Prefecture 549-0001
TEL: 072-455-2082
FAX: 072-455-2097