Sky Deck

Hours: 8:00 - 22:00

New! The rooftop garden has been opened at the Sky Deck on the fifth floor. Come enjoy a 360° panoramic view. Toys are available for kids to enjoy. A relaxing area where you can stretch your legs in a picnic area setting. You can enjoy your free time here as you like.

Sky Deck

A gardener’s garden - newly opened

The new garden integrates the runway and scenery. Even small children can enjoy endless hours of play in the garden area.
The play area includes a variety of attractions and toys, even a slide for children to play on. The rest area offers visitors a space to enjoy a lunch break in a picnic-like atmosphere.
Enjoy the special wide-open feeling as you look down upon the runway. Just looking out over the expansive area will bring a sense of freedom and calm.


360° panoramic view

The best viewpoint in the day time to get up close to where aircraft take off and land, seeming to flying just over your head!
Night time offers a romantic, ever expansive world of light decorated by the airport illumination, making the entire airport look like a shimmering diamond in the night.
This luxurious view of the sky is just one of the attractions at SkyView.

Kansai International Airport Observation Hall SkyView
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