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Hours: 10:00 to 18:00

Learn about the airport by looking, listening, touching, and experiencing it first-hand. We now offer experience type tours and learning facilities!

The floor is divided into the “area to learn about the airport’s history,” the “area to learn about how the airport operates,” the “area to learn about aircraft,” and the “attraction area.” You will certainly enjoy learning about the Kansai International Airport and aircraft.
The museum is full of interesting exhibits such as the massive Terminal Building made at a scale of 1/72, with a full length of 30 m, and passenger apron models, various simulators that allow you to experience working in the sky, and the impressive 200-inch, large screen movie theater.
From elementary school students on a field trip to adults, everyone is sure to continue to be amazed by learning things about the airport and aircraft that you never knew before.

Groups require a reservation to tour the facilities. Please call in advance.

Kansai International Airport Observation Hall SkyView
Tel: 072-455-2082 (Weekdays: 10:00 - 17:00)

See here for details on working at the airport and about aircraft using large scale models and aircraft in the Sky Museum, and the Sky Museum tour for groups.

Area to learn about the airport’s history

Creating the airport island Learning corner

Creating the Kansai International Airport island Learning corner

Creating the airport island Learning with models and videos

This corner will teach you about how the work progressed to build Japan’s first artificial island, the Kansai International Airport island.
In addition to watching precious video recordings of that time, this area offers models of elaborately made workboats, and civil engineering machinery.

A walk through Kansai International Airport Learning corner

The story of the Kansai International Airport told through illustrations

How was the Kansai International Airport created? Was it like now, with two runways?
Visitors can touch the newly created illustration that tells the unknown story of the airport in the illustrated story.

Area to learn about how the airport operates

Basic information on the Kansai International Airport Learning corner

Basic information on the Kansai International Airport Learning corner

Information about the Kansai International Airport you should know

What are some of the features of the Kansai International Airport? What is the other name for Kansai International Airport - KIX? What is a hub airport? This is where you can get all the answers you need.

Working at the airport Learning corner

1/72 scale Terminal Building and Passenger Apron Model

Learn by observing the massive scale model

View the largest building at the airport, PTB (Passenger Terminal Building) and expansive passenger apron model that opens up in front of that building to learn about the various jobs people do a the airport every day.

Equipment at the airport Learning corner

Equipment essential to getting aircraft off the ground

There are many different kinds of equipment used at the airport to get the aircraft safely off the ground, including the runways, and control tower, and others. Here, you can learn more details about the airport using panel graphics.

Airlines Learning corner

Airlines Learning corner

The airline companies from around the world that fly in and out of Kansai International Airport

There are many airline companies that utilize KIX from around the world.
Corporate profiles and the many different passenger aircraft types they use are explained here.

Area to learn about the sky and working at the airport

Working in the sky Learning corner

Actual size cockpit

Experience working at the airport in a simulator

Check which at jobs you’d excel at the airport using computer-based judgment. Also, you can learn about the many job types at the airport through the life-sized panel and video equipment.
You must see the CA drilling video - recording was specially granted for this!
You can also visit the corner where you can use simulators for an actual-sized cockpit, cabin, control tower, towing vehicles, or marshallers, to experience what it is like to work at the airport.

Video theater

Video theater

View videos on the large 200-inch screen
Airport documentary

This is a documentary video shown the work of the many staff members who make the airport run.
The breathtaking 200-inch screen offers a fantastic viewing experience.

Commemorative photograph corner

Commemorative photograph corner with a changing background

Commemorative photograph corner with a changing background (motorized screen)

Area to learn about airport

How aircraft are built Learning corner

How aircraft are built Learning corner

The construction process for aircraft - learn through illustrations and video

The illustration panels and precious video provided by an aircraft manufacturer introduce all the processes that are implemented from the time a passenger aircraft is planned (Boeing 777) until it is actually assembled at the plant.

How aircraft are able to fly Learning corner

Learn about early aviation through the illustrations

Why are aircraft able to fly? How are they controlled? And many, many other interesting information in the form of illustrations that teach about early flight is available at this learning corner.

Attraction area

Sound experience room

You can listen to a wide variety of airport and aircraft sounds in the sound-proof room equipped with a stereophonic sound system.
You’ll be impressed by the sounds of jet passenger aircraft landing and taking off - you’ll feel as though they are right there! You can also listen to the sound of legendary aircraft.

Airline quiz

Airline quiz

This is a quiz corner to test your knowledge - everyone from children to adults will enjoy this. How many correct answers can you give?

Kids’ corner

Kids’ corner

A play facility in the building designed around the popular character, Sky Kids’ Booby This is perfect for our smaller guests who may not understand some of the exhibits in the museum.

Kansai International Airport Observation Hall SkyView
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