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The Legend of CONCORDE

Hours: 11:00 - 21:00 (Last order: 20:00)
Tel: 072-455-2096

Despite ceasing operations in October 2003, the supersonic passenger jet, Concorde, remains a highly popular icon. The jet’s last flight from Japan was in fact from the Kansai International Airport and to honor this feat, The Legend of Concorde was born to commemorate the aircraft. Enjoy a relaxing meal while watching aircraft take-off and landing nearby, or looking at the fantastic airport illumination at night.
A wide variety of meals is available. Families and couples are welcome to dine here.


Abundant in-flight menu

The Legend of Concorde is the only place where you can enjoy an in-flight meal without having to board an aircraft on the Kansai International Airport island. Come and enjoy watching how the aircraft take off and land from a window-side seat that offers a broad view of the passenger terminal and runway.

Family-perfect Menu

The popular menu offers something for the entire family. Food staples include curry rice and beef stew, in addition to providing children additional choices through special kids’ menus.

Reservation menu

Try the luxurious in-flight meals served to business class and first class customers - you’ll feel like your on holiday! (Requires a reservation)

Contact the Legend of Concorde restaurant to make reservations.

11:00 - 21:00 (Last order: 20:00)

* Reservations are accepted three days in advance.

Sky View Cafe

Hours: Operating hours (2019)PDF

Enjoy of the snack menu sold at the SkyView Cafe while watching the impressive aircraft coming and going nearby.

Enjoy your meal with a view to remember

We offer a rich variety of sweets, light meals, and all kinds of drinks for you to enjoy while watching the aircraft take off and land from the inside of the cafe.

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Kansai International Airport Observation Hall SkyView
1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano 549-0001, Osaka Prefecture 549-0001
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