Exciting Kansai Airport Tour Plan/Sky Museum Tour

I want to know more about KIX! I want to enjoy it more! We have just the tour for you!
Our official guide will introduce you to the airport facilities and working at the airport.

Exciting Kansai Airport Tour Plan (Official guide tour)

New - Unseen Kansai International Airport Exploration Course

  • 60 minutes
  • Individual Group
  • Includes 30-minute setting for groups only

Tour to learn about the airport and aircraft
Leaves the observation hall SkyView and enters security areas that normally are prohibited. View from the vehicle window the background facilities that support airport operations, such as the in-flight food preparation plant and many others.
Also, depending on the wind direction and take offs and landings, you may be able to get an up-close look at the aircraft.
The official guide will tell you about episodes involving the aircraft, and some fun background information about the airport. You too will become an expert on the KIX.

Main tour routes

International cargo zone, in-flight meal preparation plant, control tower, near the north taxiing lights *1, domestic cargo zone*1 and others

* 1 Visitors are allowed to exit the bus at one of the following locations for a tour. Near the north taxiing lights, domestic cargo zones, KIX megasolar, truck parking area, or the Terminal 2 side observation deck tour
(The tour may not allow you to exit the bus on rainy days.) * Applies to 60-minute courses

  • Due to security controls, the airline security zone can only be viewed from inside the bus.
  • Operating times and courses may be changed without notice due to road conditions and security controls.


* Exciting Kansai Airport Tour Plan

* Open Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only.

* Up to four people accompanying the representative of your group can join in one reservation for the individual tour plan.Please do not duplicate the representative in the same tour. The representative must also undergo reception on the day.

* If the reservation spots are already full, reception will also be conducted on the day. Please use this.(Reception will close when all spots are reserved on that day.)

* For groups of 10 or more people, please apply for groups.Groups cannot participate with events for individuals. Please make a reservation.

* Updating can take some time due to system control issues, so despite the schedule showing vacancies on your PC, reservations may not be being taken.

* Reservations will not be taken online for the foreseeable future. Please contact us by telephone.Thank you for your patience.

Sky Museum Tour

60-minute course

  • 60 minutes
  • Groups
  • Each group consists of 40 people.

A large number of people work on many things from the time an aircraft touches down, until it is back in the air again. Thanks to those many dedicated people, aircraft are able safely to fly our skies.
The first portion is Now I Understand Kansai International Airport Guide puts the spotlight on the work of the ground handling that not very well-known. This easy-to-use explanation walks you through the 1/72 scale model.
Also, we all have thought once to ourselves: How does something so large ever get off the ground? The second portion is the Aircraft Science Experiment Classroom where you will conduct simple experiments on questions you have regarding aircraft.
This is a 60 minute course that packs in everything you want to know.

30-minute course

  • 30 minutes
  • Groups
  • Each group consists of 40 people.

30-minute course gives you a lot of information packed into a limited amount of time.
Please select one 60-minute course from the first portion (Now I Understand Kansai International Airport Guide) and the second portion (Aircraft Science Experiment Classroom).


* Reservations will not be taken online for the foreseeable future. Please contact us by telephone. Thank you for your patience.


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