Liquid carry-on restrictions

Liquid carry-on restrictions for international passenger flights at the Kansai International Airport

The following articles have been restricted by direction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. All liquids, excluding those purchased at duty free shops within the airport after passengers have gone through embarkation procedures, are restricted, as shown below.

Carry-on rules

  • All liquids exceeding 100 ml may not be carried onto passenger aircraft.

However, the following articles are allowed.

  • Liquids in containers of 100 ml or less (however, this excludes items prohibited from being carried onboard, including infill gas for lighters and the like), when kept in a loose-fitting, transparent plastic bag (volume: 1 liter or less) that is resealable by a zipper. (See photo at right)
  • Medicines, baby formula, baby food, special limited foods, and others
  • Each passenger is allowed only one plastic bag. As a general guide, the size of plastic bags that can be carried on is 20 cm (vertical) x 20 cm (horizontal) or less. Passengers must supply their own plastic bag. Plastic bags can be purchased at drug stores or convenience stores or others in the airport.
  • Disposable lighters (excluding premix lighters*) are considered to be liquid containers. They must be placed in a bag and under a security inspection.
  • It is also acceptable to place liquids into checked baggage, but some fragile items may not be accepted in some cases. Carry-on rules vary between airlines. Check with your carrier for details.
  • These restrictions may change without notification. See the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism homepage or your carrier for the latest information.

* Turbo lighters, jet lighters, blue-flame lighters and others (Not accepted and cannot be carried onboard)

Representative examples of prohibited liquids




Pickled foods (food containing high moisture content)

Canned foods


Shampoo and similar items

Tubes of toothpaste


Face washing soap

Hair cream

However, individual containers of 100 ml or less, placed in a transparent plastic bag (volume: 1 liter or less) with a sealable zipper may be carried onboard.