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Q Flight information

See the following departure and arrival flight information below for the Kansai International Airport.

Kansai International Airport homepage Flight information
Telephone Kansai International Airport flight information 072-455-2500
(Automated response system using audio guidance)

Q Where is the lost and found?

Contact for lost and found locations may differ. Please feel free to ask.
Either contact Kansai Airport Information(TEL:072-455-2500)or to get information at the airport, visit the information center on the 2nd floor, north side, or the information counter on each floor in Terminal 1 Building, or the central information center in Terminal 2 Building. Also, if you believe that you may have lost your property outside of Kansai Airports area, we will offer you guidance on where to contact if you contact us. However, you may also find where to contact in the table below, depending on where you believe you lost your item.

By zone Where to contact Telephone Number
Between Emigration Control - Gates - Customs and Immigration Control Kansai Airport Customs Substation Terminal 1 Building
Terminal 2 Building
While Onboard - Check-in Counter Your Carrier To Your Carrier
In Airport Station - Trains JR Kansai Airport Train Terminal Building 0570-00-2486
(JR Customer Center)
Nankai Kansai Airport Train Terminal Building 072-456-6203
Port Terminal Building - On Vessel Kobe Route 078-304-0900
On Bus Kansai Airport Transportation (Limousine Bus) 072-461-1374
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport Guest Room or Lobby Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport 072-455-1111

QLuggage (Suitcases) Delivery

There are counters on the south and north sides on each of the 4th floor (international departures floor), and the 1st floor (international arrivals floor) in Terminal 1 Building. There is no counter in Terminal 2 Building. Luggage is delivered at the pick-up service (package delivery from home to the airport / reservation by phone 3 to 4 days before departure date) on the 4th floor in Terminal 1 Building and home-delivery services for gifts and suitcases brought back from overseas is available on the 1st floor of Terminal 1 Building. Home-delivery service is also available at the 7-11 on the 1st floor of Terminal 2 Building.

Click here for details.(Baggage Delivery from Your Home to the Airport)
Click here for details.(Baggage Delivery from the Airport)

Q Temporary Luggage Storage

There are counters on the south and north sides on each of the 1st and 4th floors of Terminal 1 Building. The north side counter is operated by the Kansai Airport Baggage Service, the south side by the JAL ABC service.

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Coin lockers
Coin lockers are located at the north international departure gates on the 2nd floor of Terminal 1 Building. (two locations; 104 lockers), and on the first floor of Terminal 2 Building.

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Q Parking and Parking Fees

See the parking page in the access information regarding parking and parking fees.

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Q Security

See the page regarding inspections conducted at the hijack inspection counter. For detailed information regarding items that are prohibited from being carried onboard, see the page regarding export prohibitions and carry-on restrictions.

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Q Kansai Airport Tours

Visitors to the Kansai Airport are welcome freely to tour the facilities of the passenger terminal building. However, touring areas where access is restricted is prohibited. Also, please be sure to watch aircraft take off and land from the observation hall.

Click here for details on the Kansai Airport Observation Hall Skyview

Q Pets

Pets in the passenger terminal building

Guide dogs for the visually or audio impaired visitors, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs may accompany visitors.
Pets being checked in for air travel may be kept in special cages. However, passengers are requested immediately to go to their check-in counters for the carrier they are using.
Other animals may not accompany visitors or passengers. Kansai International Airport appreciates your cooperation.

To board aircraft with your pet

Please contact your carrier directly regarding the animal quarantine center at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and for boarding and hand-over methods to carry your pet overseas. Please contact your carrier directly regarding carrying your pet domestically.

Click here for airline company contacts.

Q Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC) and Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC)

Fees for use of passenger service facilities (PSFC) varies depending on the terminal building. Fees for use of the passenger security service (PSSC) is the same in each terminal building. Please pay this along with your airfare when an airline ticket has been issued. Please see the following page for fees.

Click here for Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC) and Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC)

Q Is it possible to travel through the airport in a wheelchair?

Yes. Visitors may get to each floor in the passenger terminal buildings via escalators that accommodate wheelchairs, and slopes. Buttons are arranged for easy access from a wheelchair in all elevators. Also, almost all lavatories include wheelchair-friendly facilities.

Q Is there guidance available for the blind?

Braille blocks are available from train and bus arrival locations up to the central information counter on each floor. An attendant will guide you from the central information counter to the check-in counter of your carrier. An airline attendant will guide you from the check-in counter to your seat onboard the aircraft.
When arriving, braille blocks are arranged that lead from your arrival gate to the central information counter, and buses and trains. Also, an attendant will guid you to the airport terminal for trains and buses, or to the parking area, if you come directly to the information counter.

Q I am deaf. I want to contact my home.

Our company offers a free contact service to your home by fax is available at the Information Center, and at each information counter. Please feel free to take advantage of this service.

Q I am disabled and unable to walk. Are wheelchairs available for rental within the airport?

We offer wheelchairs to disabled visitors free of charge. Please visit the Information Center or any information counter. Intercoms are arranged at the entrance to the passenger terminal building and arrival gates that lead to the central information counter. Please use these to request wheelchair assistance.

Q I will be coming to the airport in a vehicle. Is it possible to get in and out of a wheelchair near the entrance to the passenger terminal building?

Priority vehicle access zones equipped with access slopes for the disabled are available in lanes for general vehicles and taxis at the departure (4F) and arrival (1F) floors of Terminal 1 Building. Also, an intercom is arranged at the priority vehicle access zone at the 4th floor departures area to call the central information counter on the 4th floor. Visitors who have rented a wheelchair at the vehicle access zone, or passengers needing assistance or guidance should use this to call for attendant. Also, disabled parking discount tickets are issued at the Information Center in Terminal 2 Building, and the information counter on each floor. Please bring your parking ticket and your disabled booklet in advance.