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Convenience for you, Family Mart

To become a convenience store that offers new discoveries and abounding freshnessWe aim to put our customers first through useful and safe services.

Famima T Card

Earn T Points! Use your points! The T Card gives you discounts and a ton of member-only specials. In addition, the card can by used as electronic money for easy payments. You can earn even more T points by paying with T Money.

Various payments, ATM, multi-function copy machines, internet services

You can also use T Money to pay for utilities or online shopping.
You can also use Smart Pit, a service that receives convenience store payments through FamiPort.
You can use this service to easily make copies or sends/receives faxes outside.
You can also use free public Wi-Fi after a quick registration.


We offer varying products each season, based on our analysis of the best selling products. We also have limited-edition products with distinctive features from many regions of Japan. We sell duty free items, amenity goods, and more, as well.

Support for overseas tourists

Some of our products feature a QR code to help our overseas customers shop with ease. They can scan the QR code to learn more about the product.