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KIX CARD perk: 5% discount from the purchase price (Some items are excluded)

Focusing on souvenirs from the Kansai region, we offer travel goods, medicine necessary for traveling, sandwiches, Onigiri, boxed lunch and drinks .

Web booking site♪

Let’s book and purchase famous confectionery and food in KANSAI local area.

◆Available duration from the previous day(until 15:00)to 4 days before you come to our shops.
◆Get relieved by booking highly popular items in advance.
◆Experience smooth processing payment at dedicated checkout counter without wait in line.
◆Available to pick up booking items at each airport of ITAMI "ITM",KOBE "UKB", KANSAI "KIX".
◆Pick-up shops are located even if you do not get on board the plane.
◆On the web, there are a large selection of items we handle in either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 .
◆Receive booking special and new information.
We will continuously try to provide you with a wide selection of merchandise and we look forward to your booking !