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KIX CARD perk: 5% discount from the purchase price (Some items are excluded)

Focusing on souvenirs from the Kansai region, we offer travel goods and medicine necessary for traveling.

Various gifts from the Kansai region / Accessories / Drug store

We sell gifts that are representative of the Kansai region and various goods essential for traveling. Since we are open from early morning till late night, you can stop by if you need suddenly need something. Please feel free to stop by.

Web booking site♪

Let’s book and purchase famous confectionery and food in KANSAI local area.

◆Available duration from the previous day(until 15:00)to 4 days before you come to our shops.
◆Get relieved by booking highly popular items in advance.
◆Experience smooth processing payment at dedicated checkout counter without wait in line.
◆Available to pick up booking items at each airport of ITAMI "ITM",KOBE "UKB", KANSAI "KIX".
◆Pick-up shops are located even if you do not get on board the plane.
◆On the web, there are a large selection of items we handle in either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 .
◆Receive booking special and new information.
We will continuously try to provide you with a wide selection of merchandise and we look forward to your booking !