Baggage Wrapping Service


The baggage wrapping service wraps your important suitcases and other checked baggage with a special film that protects it from trouble including damage, being soiled, water leakage, being opened, and stolen contents.

Terminal 1 Building
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Phone: +81(0)72-455-3358
Business Hour: 07:00 - 22:00 (7 days a week)
Size Sum of three sides Baggage example Fee(including tax)
S - 120 cm Carry-on bag, etc. 900 yen
M - 160 cm Suitcase, etc. 1,000 yen
L - 250 cm Golf bag, etc. 1,500 yen
Special - Bicycle, surfboard, wheelchair 2,000 yen

* We also offer cardboard boxes, cable ties, and cushioning materials.