Changes in Transportation Schedule

Some changes have been made to the transportation schedules for traveling to and from Kansai International Airport.
Please check the websites indicated below for the latest information.

<Shuttle Bus to Terminal 2>
Nankai Bus:

Limited Express Rapi:t (Nankai Electric Railway):
Kansai-Airport Express HARUKA (JR-West):

<Airport Limousine Bus>
Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise:

<High Speed Boat Bay Shuttle>
OM Kobe:

As of April 16, taxi stand (3) (for short-distance travel) and taxi stand (5) (for long-distance travel) will be integrated, and all taxis for short- and long-distance travel will start from taxi stand (3).  
*Please note: Taxi stand (2) (bound for Wakayama) will continue to be in operation.