Body scanner

Body scanners

Body scanners have been introduced at security check points for international lines in the 1st and 2nd Terminal Buildings in order to ensure stricter security inspections and that passenger are able more smoothly to pass through the security inspection, under the direction of the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Personal privacy has been carefully considered. Image data is animated; each passenger’s image data is also automatically deleted.

The scanner effects on passengers has also been carefully considered. The strength of the electromagnetic waves are approximately 1/several hundredths to 10,000th of a cell phone.

How to undergo a security exam in a body scanner.

  1. 1 Remove everything from your pockets.

  2. 2 Follow the security officer’s instructions by getting into the scanner.

  3. 3 Place your feet in the marks on the floor, and take the pose shown in the image.

  4. 4 If the systems reacts, the security officer may conduct another scan.