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Each airline company provides the information listed on this page their for passenger flights and the original KIAC system offers information for cargo flights. However weather conditions and other factors may cause disruptions to timetables. This information may not be updated immediately. Always contact your airline in such case.

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* Check your flight schedule for local arrival time and departure time

Peach, Spring Airlines and Jeju Air arrivals and departures

Departure and arrival procedures for all Peach flights, all Spring Airlines flights and all Jeju Air flights will be handled at the Terminal 2 Bldg.

* To move between the two terminals, use the free shuttle bus service.

Other notices

  • The actual check-in counters, wing/gate, spot may differ from the the search results. Always confirm the information at the airport.
  • Weather forecasts can differ from the actual weather. Please be aware that some airport listings are not available.
  • "Code share flights" are flights which are jointly operated and serviced by two or more airline companies using a single aircraft. Because more than one airline company is involved, code share flights may actually have two or more different flight numbers but still use the same aircraft. The main carrier uses their own equipment, and the secondary carrier (or carriers) uses the equipment of the airline offering the service. Also, code share flights does not list cargo flights.

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International/Departure Flight Information 2019/08/22 20:31:42

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Airline Flight No. Terminal Check-In Counter Wing Gate Type Current Status Local Weather
BANGKOK(DMK) NokScoot XW111 T1 D North/8 B777 DEPARTED Rain
BANGKOK(DMK) Thai Airasia X XJ613 T1 A North/2 A333 DEPARTED Rain
BANGKOK(DMK) Thai Lion Air SL305 T1 A North/11 B737 DEPARTED Rain
23:55 BANGKOK(DMK) Thai Airasia X XJ611 T1 B North/6 A333 Rain
08:30 BANGKOK(DMK) NokScoot XW111 T1 D North/- B777 Rain
09:50 BANGKOK(DMK) Thai Airasia X XJ613 T1 A North/- A333 Rain
23:55 BANGKOK(DMK) Thai Airasia X XJ611 T1 B North/- A333 Rain