Flight Schedule

Flight Schedule might be changed. Please check your flight status on your airline company page and current status on this page.

Search for regularly scheduled flights that depart from or arrive at KIX.
It is also possible to search for connecting flights to international destinations not serviced by direct flights from KIX.

Possible Searches

KIX - Domestic Destination
KIX - International Destination
Connecting Flights
Domestic Destination - (via KIX) - International Destination
International Destination - (via KIX) - International Destination

Includes connecting flights to international destinations not serviced directly from KIX.

  • Searches are based on one year of schedule data provided by OAG (UBM Aviation Worldwide Limited).
  • The information displayed on this page represents a planned, regular passenger service schedule.
  • This schedule is subject to change without notice. Please confirm details with your airline before making any travel plans or reservations.
  • Code share flights: Only airline companies that have issued tickets are listed.