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Open 24 hours
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0120-29-5770 (Customer Counter)
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KIX CARD perk: If you order a main dish (rice bowl, udon noodles, curry, or meal set, each regular size or larger), show us your KIX-ITM card to receive a free custard pudding or coffee! (Custard pudding available while supplies last.)

Celebrating 50 Years of Great Flavor

Nakau serves donburi (rice bowls) topped with various ingredients and tender, Kyoto-style udon noodles, offering up a great variety of tasty menu items served fast, at reasonable prices — they work every day to satisfy every one of their customers. Their chicken and egg rice bowl is a particular specialty: made by hand in-store, one order at a time, with Nakau’s special dashi stock and premium egg, for a delicious result. Their udon noodles, made with a Kansai-style dashi stock, go great with their chicken and egg rice bowl, too, and takeout orders are available!

Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl

A classic Japanese dish, bringing together the great flavors of choice chicken, premium eggs, and Nakau’s secret sauce.

Each and every order is made by hand in-store in its own pan, cooked to just the right balance of fluffy egg and juiciness, for a an absolutely delicious result.

Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl (Regular) ¥490 (incl. tax)

Deep-Fried Shrimp and Veggie Tempura Soba

Nakau’s specially made authentic soba noodles, topped with freshly fried shrimp-and-veggie tempura. The soup and the tempura breading go particularly well together.

Deep-Fried Shrimp and Veggie Tempura Soba (Regular) ¥500 (incl. tax)

Premium Beef Curry and Rice with Pork Cutlet

Nakau serves authentic curry made with cubed beef slowly stewed for three hours and onions sautéed until they turn a deep caramelized brown, for a flavorful result with just the right amount of depth. This curry is served with a freshly fried pork cutlet, for a delicious combination of contrasting textures.

Premium Beef Curry and Rice with Pork Cutlet ¥890 (incl. tax)

Deep-Fried Tofu Udon

Nakau’s udon noodles are served in a light-colored Kyoto-style soup made with bonito tuna, kombu kelp, and more, carefully made in-store every day.
Served topped with tender, juicy deep-fried tofu, for a great way to soak up the soup and enjoy every last drop.

Deep-Fried Tofu Udon (Regular) ¥400 (incl. tax)

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