Terminal 1 building renovation underway

Kansai International Airport is currently undergoing a large-scale renovation of Terminal 1.
As the gateway to welcome domestic and international visitors to the Osaka/Kansai Expo in 2025, the newly reborn Kansai International Airport will offer a new travel experience.

Point 1Expanded International Capacity ・・・ Less congestion, more comfort
Point 2Fast Travel Promotion・・・ More convenient and smoother procedures
Point 3Well-developed post-security checkpoint areas・・・ Enhanced commercial area for both international and domestic sides. More enjoyable time before your flight.く

Before After

Expansion of international capacity

Create terminal capacity

In response to the recent surge in inbound traffic, we will optimize the layout for international and domestic area to reduce congestion.
The immigration and the international lounge, which used to be divided into north and south, will be consolidated in the central area for improved convenience.
We will promote "Fast Travel," which uses automated check-in machines, smart lanes, and other solutions to reduce waiting time, making your travel faster, more comfortable and less stressful.

Create terminal capacity

Enhancement of post-security checkpoint areas

International side

You can enjoy shopping and dining in a walk-through commercial area, the first of its kind in Japan, introduced by Kansai International Airport.
Zoned into four distinct atmospheres called “MOOD,” we offer a more engaging and exciting airport experience.
This area will be transformed into an area where you can enjoy the time before boarding while feeling the uniqueness of Japan and Kansai. Please enjoy your time before the flight!

Enhancement of post-security checkpoint areas International side

Domestic side

The new domestic flight area, Phase 1 of the renovation, is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022.
The security checkpoints, which were divided into north and south sections, will be consolidated into one area, and smart lanes will be introduced to shorten the waiting time at security checkpoints.
Restaurants and stores in the area after security check will be enhanced to provide a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Enhancement of post-security checkpoint areas Domestic side

Check it out in the video!

You can get an overview of Terminal 1 renovation just in 2 minutes.


  1. Start 2021
    Click here for the video of the groundbreaking ceremony. open in new tab

  2. Phase
    Fall 2022
    2F New Domestic Area Open

  3. Phase
    Winter 2023
    2F International Departure Central Open

  4. Phase
    Spring 2025
    4F New Security Checkpoints, 3F International Lounge Open

  5. Phase
    Fall 2026
    2F International Departure Area and North & South Commercial Facilities Open

Construction status (as of February 2022)

Currently, we are mainly working on construction for domestic area. This renewed Domestic area will open in the fall of 2022.
Stay tuned for the reborn Kansai International Airport!

International area expansion

Domestic gates will be remodeled into international gates.
Since boarding and disembarking of aircraft is from the 2nd floor, we are building a flow line for arriving passengers to move to the 3rd floor.

International area expansion

Domestic area extension

Domestic area will move to the south side.
We are building a passage connecting the security checkpoints and the boarding gates in the south wing.
Moving sidewalks will be installed on both sides.

Domestic area extension

Food court

The food court on the second floor of the terminal building will also be renovated. Enjoy a quick bite from the variety of menus!

Food court

Construction notice