November 28, Saturday

[ Limited to elementary and middle school students and their families from the surrounding 10 cities ]
Osaka International Airport (ITAMI) Experience Tour

We are hosting an airport experience tour for the elementary and middle school students, and their families, from the 10 cities around the airport.
Why not bring your children around, especially if they have never been on an airplane, to have this experience?

[ Eligibility, Participation Conditions ]
Must be an elementary or middle school student (and the family as well) residing in the 10 peripheral cities (Toyonaka, Itami, Kawanishi, Ikeda, Takarazuka, Mino, Suita, Amagasaki, Nishinomiya, Ashiya)
*A guardian must accompany the student(s).
*One family is limited to up to 6 participants.
*Children who are not yet in school may not participate, regardless if their siblings are eligible.
*Participants must register beforehand to be chosen by raffle. (Same day participation without registration beforehand is not allowed)

[ Tour Details ]
[Go To Travel Eligible Merchandise (Comes with a Regional Stimulus Coupon)]
-Airport Fire Station Tour
-Excursion by tour bus around the runway and surrounding service roads
-Approx. 60 minute flight experience (J-Air Embraer 190 or ANA Boeing 737-800)
-After the flight experience, food and shopping can be enjoyed in the Walk Through Area

[ Period for Applications ]
From Oct. 20 (Tuesday) to 3:00PM Oct. 30 (Friday)
A raffle will be held among the entries and those who were selected will be notified on Nov. 10 (Tuesday) by e-mail.

The application process is now closed. Thank you for all the entries.
Saturday, November 28, 2020
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