Continuously until Wednesday, September 30

Eco-Rika LED Hashtag Campaign

[Win prizes by posting on Instagram]
The illuminated ITAMI monument in the north parking lot at Osaka International Airport was finished this Spring! Take a picture at the monument and post it to Instagram with a hashtag to have a chance to win a Eco-Rika Cooler Tote. 10 totes will be given out per month.
■Period: Until Wednesday, September 30, 2020
■How to: 1) follow the official account @ecorika_inc
2) take a picture in front of the monument
3) post the picture with the hashtags #itami and #エコリカLED
3 simple steps!
■If you win: the official account will send a direct message through Instagram

*This campaign is implemented by ecorica Inc.

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Continuously until Wednesday, September 30
Osaka International Airport
North parking