September 25(wed.)

Yoshimoto Night Flights Laughing Night

Thanks to you, our popular monthly event “Yoshimoto Night Flights Laughing Night” is going to celebrate its 1-year anniversary.
There, four well-known pairs of entertainers will be featured in “Celebrating 1 Year! Ultra Extravagant Special Performances!!”

After the show, the first 300 people who came to watch the live performance will be presented with a "YOSHIMOTO AFTER LIVE COUPON" that can be used in shops in the airport!

One Year Anniversary Raffle

People who spend 1,000 yen (including tax) or more within the shops of Osaka International Airport on Wednesday, September 25, the same day that Yoshimoto Night Flight Laughing Night is held, can participate in a raffle where they can win merchandise tickets worth 1,000 yen! (merchandise tickets will be awarded to 10 people)
If you bring the receipts purchased within the airport that day to the Yoshimoto Entertainment Shop after the Yoshimoto Night Flight Laughing Night show has finished, you can participate in the raffle.
Sayaka will be present during the raffle!!

*Adding the receipts from multiple stores is permitted.
*Limited to receipts from the day of the raffle, Wednesday September 25.
*Participation is not once per 1,000 yen. Even if you spend 2,000 yen, the participation in the raffle is limited to one time.
*The merchandise ticket is valid until Monday September 30, 2019.

  • Total Ten Bosch
  • Sayaka
  • Kinzoku Bat
  • Two Tribe
*Depending on the weather and other circumstances, please note that details (time, etc.) regarding the event may change without prior notice (including cancelation). Thank you for your understanding.
*Please note that the shops where the coupons can be used are limited.

[Announcement from Yoshimoto Entame Shop]
Yoshimoto entertainers will also be coming to visit the shop!
For details, check out the social media accounts (SNS) of Yoshimoto Entame Shop Osaka International Airport!
September 25 (Wednesday), 2019
from 6:00 pm
Osaka International Airport
4th Floor Observation Deck, North Terminal Yoshimoto Entame Shop Stage
Viewing is free
ITAMI Events Secretariat
TEL. 06-6347-7869 (10:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding Saturdays and Sundays)