July 20 (Sat.)

Summer Vacation - Early Morning Family Runway Walk

We have decided to host a "Summer Vacation - Early Morning Family Runway Walk" for elementary and middle school students. Participants can walk along the runway, where nobody is normally allowed to enter, and see the parked airplanes and airport crash tender vehicles, among other things, early in the morning before the airport opens.
The staff of the airline companies that serve for the Kobe Airport, along with Kansai Airports Group's official mascot character Sorayan, will also participate so it is a great opportunity for a commemorative photograph on the runway!
Use this opportunity to explore a usually restricted area with your family and make some summer vacation memories.

All persons who wish to participate need to fill out the required fields in the "Application Form" located on the Kobe Airport website.
July 20 (Saturday), 2019
5:15 a.m to 6:05 a.m. (Reception : from 4:30 a.m. )
Kobe Airport Restricted Area
Eligible participants
Elementary and middle school students (at least one guardian must accompany)
*For middle school participants and older (including guardians), a driver's license or school I.D. must be presented.
Number of participants
Maximum 125 persons (up to 5 people can be registered in one group)
Cost to participate
How to apply
Fill out the required fields in the "Application Form" located on the Kobe Airport website.
[Required Fields] Full names of all participants, address, age, gender, representative's phone number and e-mail address
Monday July 1st (A lottery will be held in the case that there are more than 125 applicants)
*Results of the lottery will be announced on Friday July 5th
Due to the early start time of the event, public transportation will not be available. Only applicants with other means of transportation to the venue via car etc. should apply.
Participants who come by car will need to pay a separate parking fee (150 yen/hour).