June 1 (Sat.), 2 (Sun.)

LOVE HAWAII Collection 2019
in OSAKA Kansai International Airport

Love Hawaii Collection 2019 in Osaka at Kansai International Airport, the largest scale Hawaii Lovers Festival, will be held for 2 days from June 1 (Sat.) to June 2 (Sun.). This is the 5th consecutive year for the festival.
Roughly 90 groups of elegant performers from Halau (Hula Dance Studios) that are active all over Japan will showcase their skills on the stage and Hawaiian merchandise, accessories, food and seminars where you can learn about Hawaii are available so kids and adults alike can enjoy.
This event aims to further increase travel demand to Hawaii by growing the size of the Hawaii Lovers community through Hawaiian shops, performances and seminars.
You can feel the changes and evolution of Hawaii, which is standard as a popular place, through learning new information about Hawaii.
For more details check the official website.
June 1 (Saturday) and 2 (Sunday), 2019
10:00a.m. to 6:30p.m.
Kansai International Airport
South Square / North Square(Planned)
Entrance is free
LOVE HAWAII Collection Secretariat
TEL : 03-6712-7355 / FAX : 03-6712-7356
Email : contact@leiland.jp