Mar. 16 (Sat.)

Itami Airport Walking

This is a walking event to stroll around the Osaka International Airport area.
Along with places to see the take-off and departure of airplanes, the intended course features historic ruins and the chance to interact with the culture and nature along the river.
At the goal, all participations will receive a commemorative present.
The event is enjoyable for kids and adults alike, so we hope you will participate.

[Schedule] From Osaka International Airport to Saigoku Kaido Remains to Air Front Oasis Shimogawara to Itami Sky Park to Senri River Embankment to Osaka International Airport (Tentative)

You must apply beforehand to participate in the Itami Airport Walking event.
(Unregistered persons cannot participate on the day of the event)
We stopped accepting applications.
March 16 (Saturday), 2019
*Will proceed even if it rains. However, it will be cancelled in the event of stormy weather.
Acceptance for participation
From 09:30 to 11:00 on the day of the event
Reception location
Under Osaka Airport Station building of the Osaka Monorail (Event ending location is the same)
Osaka International Airport Area (Itami City of Hyogo Prefecture, Ikeda and Toyonaka Cities of Osaka Prefecture)
Participation fee
Number of participants
400 persons (Raffle will be held if there are too many applicants)
Eligible persons
Families etc., regardless of age (no restrictions)
ITAMI Event Secretariat
TEL.06-6347-7869 (10:00AM to 5:00PM excluding weekends)
Organizer / Kansai Airports
Supporters / Japan Walking Association
Osaka International Airport and The Surrounding Area Activation Promotion Conference
Sponsors / Itami City of Hyogo Prefecture, Ikeda and Toyonaka Cities of Osaka Prefecture