From February to August, 2019

Osaka Airport Winery Wine School

At Osaka International Airport (Itami), at Osaka Airport Winery, the first airport winery in the world, Wine School (a course that preps for the Sommelier and Wine Expert First-Stage Exam) will be held starting from February of 2019.
This school is different from normal wine schools because rather than just learning from a textbook, this school offers a chance to actually see inside and experience a real winery and learn from the wine maker in a hands-on learning style.
This course includes winery tours and experiences as well as lessons from wine makers in the curriculum to teach more than just the knowledge of wine but also how to enjoy wine and winemaking, understanding the situation of grape farmers and the extent of wine to cultivate sommeliers and wine experts that can connect producers and consumers.
The instructor for this course is Michiaki Osawa who has long standing experiences as a sales manager of a Wine Porter and wine selector. He is a specialist who has continued this course for over 10 years in Japan and trained more than 300 sommeliers.

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From February to August, 2019
Thursday or Sunday course (once a month, from 9:30 to 17:00)
In the north terminal of Osaka International Airport at Hoshi-no-ma on the 4th floor or Sora-no-ma in the central area on the 5th floor
Tuition fee
70,000 yen for all 7 times (excluding tax) (Payable by cash, bank transfer or credit card)
Osaka Airport Winery
TEL. 06-6152-5165 (Hours are 10:00 to 17:00) (Contact Personnel:Ishikura・Saga)