Dec. 21(wed.)

Yoshimoto Night Flights Laughing Night

Yoshimoto Night Flights Laughing Night in December will host three stage-entertainer groups performing comic dialogues and a Yoshimoto’s idol named Tsubomi performing a live as a Christmas special event.
We are planning a special Christmas event for those who have seen the comic dialogs. Stay tuned!
After the show, the first 300 people who came to watch the live performance will be presented with a "YOSHIMOTO AFTER LIVE COUPON" that can be used in shops in the airport!

※Depending on the weather and other circumstances, please note that details (time, etc.) regarding the event may change without prior notice (including cancelation). Thank you for your understanding.
※Please note that the shops where the coupons can be used are limited.
December 19 (Wednesday), 2018
from 6:00PM Opening comic dialogues (Gakutensoku, Totto, Mitorizu)
from 6:30PM Christmas special event
from 6:40PM Tsubomi performance
Osaka International Airport
4th Floor Observation Deck, North Terminal Yoshimoto Entame Shop Stage
Viewing is free
ITAMI Events Secretariat
TEL. 06-6347-7869 (10:00AM to 5:00PM, excluding Saturdays and Sundays)