Nov. 3(sat.)


We will be holding a high quality acoustic music festival that adults can enjoy.
Sorayan, the official character of Kansai Airports Group, will also be performing a special greeting, etc., something that the whole family can enjoy.
Also, the "Umai de Ikeda" event organized by Ikeda City will be held jointly with this festival.

■4F Rooftop Observation Deck South Stage
11:00AM to 11:05AM Opening act with Sorayan
11:05AM to 11:45AM
Gypsy Jazz Trio
Kyoko Hikiba (Vocals), Yoshifumi Yamamoto (Guitar), Tomoki Inoue (Guitar)
Please enjoy the unique rhythm of gypsy swing and the bright and clear gypsy songs.
11:55AM to 12:15PM Rumina Yakabi
12:30PM to 1:15PM
bridal performance SIJAK
With a blend of vocals, guitar, wooden base, drums, and keyboard, they will play a variety of music from jazz standard to pop music, jazz arrangements of Min'yō (a genre of traditional Japanese music), etc.
1:30PM to 2:10PM Yoshimoto Live Sound Performance
1:30PM - 1:45PM Runny Nose
1:45PM - 2:00PM Uma to Sakana
2:00PM - 2:10PM Runny Nose & Uma to Sakana
2:25PM to 2:45PM Keeper Girls
3:20PM to 4:00PM
Hammer & MAKI
In January 2015, the guitarist and ukelele player Hammer joined forces with the vocalist MAKI to form a freestyle music unit.

■4F Rooftop Observation Deck North Stage
11:20AM to 12:00PM
A two-person group consisting of Mi-yan on piano and vocals from the Osaka University of Arts, and Minami on sax and chorus from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in France. They are established performers with stage presence and exquisite harmony.
12:15PM to 12:55PM
They perform a wide range of genres from classical to pop to gospel music with their high quality sound and powerful voices. They have appeared as a supporting act for DREAMS COME TRUE.
1:10PM to 1:50PM
Kato Kanako
The representative accordian player of Japan from Toyonaka City, Osaka. Boasts of winning numerous competitions in both Japan and France. Involved in a wide range of activities including performing in concerts.
2:05PM to 2:45PM
Shibata Kohe Group
A saxophone player hailing from Kyoto. Performed in huge festivals like FUJIROCK. Continuously participates in numerous sound source projects including game music. Performing this time as a duo with a pianist.
2:00PM to 3:40PM
Ichimura Junpei
A guitarist from Osaka who specializes in performing using an acoustic guitar and a loop effector. Mainly performs original songs but also does covers of foreign songs.
November 3 (Saturday), 2018
11:00AM to 4:00PM
Osaka International Airport
4th Floor Observation Deck South/North Terminal 4F
*If it rains, the event will be held at the special stage located under Osaka Airport Station.
Viewing is free
Kansai Airports
Osaka International Airport the Surrounding Area Activation Promotion Conference
Osaka International Airport the Surrounding Area Activation Liaison Committee
ITAMI Events Secretariat
TEL. 06-6347-7869 (10:00AM to 5:00PM, excluding Saturdays and Sundays)
If it rains, the plan is to hold the event in the special stage located under the station building of Osaka Monorail Osaka Airport Station.
Depending on the weather and other circumstances, the venue, time, and details can change without prior notice.
As we are expecting the parking lots to be congested on the day of the event, we kindly ask you to come via public transportation.