Oct. 3 (wed.), 31 (wed.)


Outdoor performances by musicians.
Music livens up ITAMI on Wednesdays.
After the show, the first 200 people who arrived to watch it will receive a "AFTER LIVE COUPON" that can be used at stores inside the airport.

Oct. 3 REIKO Violin Trio
Having the origin in classical music, REIKO is the violinist that plays borderless music having no wall between genres. Her violin tone has free-spirited aspect, while being full of elegance and dignity.
A trio acoustic unit composed of 3 high school classmates, who has composed the event theme song of "the 10th OSAKA MOTOR SHOW." Their solo lives will be held in 7 places of Japan from February 2019.
Oct. 31 ROYALcomfort
A trio composed of 1 singer, 1MC, and 1DJ performs mainly in Osaka, used to work as office workers and aims at participating in NHK Kohaku Utagassen. They are the artists that are the most influential and have the ability to attract audience in the current Indie genre.
An acoustic unit from Osaka. They offer heart-warming and powerful stage with their all soul, having the lyrics and melody that recall the scene and the music that can be delivered to the audience.
■Shops available for "AFTER LIVE COUPON" of October
[Central block 3F] Osaka Airport Winery
You can use one coupon as 500 yen OFF ticket per 1,500 yen (without tax) purchase.
[Observation deck 4F] NORTHSHORE cafe&dining
For one person that purchased 1,000 yen (without tax) or more, one soft drink or one highball will be offered for free.

* Please understand that the time and details of the event may be altered or the event may be cancelled without notice as a result of bad weather or other circumstances.
October 3 (Wednesday), 31 (Wednesday), 2018
8:00PM to 9:00PM
Osaka International Airport
South Terminal 4F rooftop observation deck stage
* Will take place on a special stage in "Hoshi no Ma" in North Terminal 4F in the case of rain
ITAMI Event Secretariat
TEL.06-6347-7869 (10:00AM to 5:00PM excluding weekends)