Sep. 19 (wed.), 26 (wed.)


Outdoor performances by musicians.
Music livens up ITAMI on Wednesdays.
After the show, the first 200 people who arrived to watch it will receive a 500-yen gift voucher that can be used at stores inside the airport.

Sep. 19 Saxophone Quartet Copain
This quartet comprises four women who each pay a different type of saxophone. Their music combines a powerful sound with feminine grace, which makes for a refined yet colorful performance. They perform a wide variety of music including their own pieces as well as covers from the classical, jazz, and pop genres.
Sep. 19 X+ (pronounced "X-toh")
This male vocal duo is also known as actors, and can be seen in the NHK morning drama series "Carnation," which is currently being re-broadcast. They are involved in various musical activities, such as producing music for movies and commercials. In 2018 they are on a nationwide tour comprising 35 shows.
Sep. 26 Japan Century Symphony Orchestra
You can enjoy an ensemble performance from members of the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra, which is based in Toyonaka, Osaka.
* The show will start in the ANA departure lobby in South Terminal 2F after the last ANA flight of the day has departed.
* Please understand that the time and details of the event may be altered or the event may be cancelled without notice as a result of bad weather or other circumstances.
* The vouchers may only be used from 9:00PM onwards.
* The vouchers may only be used at participating stores.
September 19 (Wednesday) 8:00PM to 9:00PM
September 26 (Wednesday) around 8:20PM to 9:00PM
Osaka International Airport
September 19 (Wednesday): South Terminal 4F rooftop observation deck stage * Will take place on a special stage in "Hoshi no Ma" in North Terminal 4F in the case of rain
September 26 (Wednesday): Special stage in the ANA departure lobby in South Terminal 2F
ITAMI Event Secretariat
TEL.06-6347-7869 (10:00AM to 5:00PM excluding weekends)