Sep. 14(fri.)

Airport Live: Yutaka Kijima

Yutaka Kijima, a supreme shamisen (three-stringed Japanese lute) singer and whose music is rooted in Min'yō (a genre of traditional Japanese music), will be performing live at the 1st floor lobby stage of the North Terminal.
Please look forward to watching him sing while playing the Tsugaru shamisen in a performance that goes beyond genres!

Yutaka Kijima: Profile
From Itami City, Hyogo | Born in 1983 | Height: 178cm | Gemini | Blood type B
With his father's influence, he started singing Min'yō when he was 5 years old and even received professional lessons. The two of them entered and won numerous national folk song competitions.
After that, he broadened his genres to include R&B, pop, and world music. In 2006, he was able to advance to the semi-final round of the "EXILE VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION".
With the perfect balance between his clear and enchanting voice, and his deep singing ability that was cultivated with Min'yō as the center, he is the only one who can combine modern J-pop with traditional Japanese music. With it, he can touch and warm the hearts of everyone who listens.
Him singing covers of western songs while playing the shamisen became a topic of conversation in a TV talk show ("Morning Show" with Shin'ichi Hatori, aired 7/24). In the 50th Japan Cable Awards, he was awarded the "Yuusen Shoureishou [Honourable Mention Award]". On 2018 April 4, he released the album "Donkan na Hito ni Naritai [I want to be a thick-headed person]".

September 14 (Friday), 2018
8:05PM to 9:00PM
Osaka International Airport
1st Floor "Lobby Stage", North Terminal
Viewing is free
Kansai Airports
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