Jul. 28 (Sat.) - 29 (Sun.)

Sora Odori 24H

Because of Typhoon No. 12 approaching, this event has been canceled considering visitors’ safety. Thank you for your understanding.

Summr in Japan, Let's dance at KIX!
First time at KIX! An all night event!

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*Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis until capacity has been reached.
■Day Time/Jul. 28 10:00am - 3:00pm, Jul. 29 10:00am - 5:00pm
Bon Dance Festival
Jul. 28 11:00am, noon
Jul. 29 11:00am, 0:30pm, 2:30pm
Let's dance to the "Kawachi Ondo" of Osaka, “Goshu Ondo” of Shiga, and “Tawarano Saimon, Saimon Ondo and Okage Odori” of Nara.
Pokémon Stage Show
- Eevee, My Best Friend -

Jul. 28 10:00am, 2:30pm
A show of singing and dancing staged by Pikachu, Eevee and Pokémon trainer
Stage to advertise Izumisano
– Kickoff ceremony in pair with Kinnikuman -

Jul. 28 1:00pm
Jul. 29 10:30am
Kickoff ceremony of “Inunakin,” the official mascot character of Izumisano-city to aim at winning the “Yuru-CharaⓇGrand Prix 2018 in Hanazono.” Mr. Shimada, who created the idea, will join for encouragement. An important message will be announced by Kinnikuman and Inunakin.
Obachan Dance by Akane Kikaku
(Tomioka Dance Club OG)

Jul. 29 noon, 3:30pm
The Tomioka Dance Club, that became famous overnight for its Bubble Dance, will be on stage! They will show the Obachan Dance with which they won the national championship a year prior to the Bubble Dance.
Live Comic Show
Jul. 28 10:30am, 2:00pm
Jul. 29 10:00am, 2:00pm
Runny Nose, Fuzisaki Market and Totto, popular comedians of Yoshimoto will be on stage at Sora Odori 24H.
【Fair & Food Stalls】
■“Goldfish exhibition away from home” by the Kyoto Aquarium
Jul. 28(sat)・29(sun) 10:00am to 5:00pm
Goldfish with a refreshing look will be brought from the Kyoto Aquarium to KIX this year again! Observe the goldfish with different colors and shapes swimming in the sinks in a cool-looking manner and enjoy the coolness of summer. We will also hold the “Goldfish Examination” which was popular last year.
■Kansai local favorite food&Fair
A lot of local food including takoyaki of Osaka, fried chicken of Tokushima and others will be brought together. You can enjoy the fair.

■Night Time/5:00pm, Jul. 28 to 6:00am, Jul. 29 *Turns into a night bar after midnight.
Jul. 28 7:50pm -
Enjoy the special dance performance of a dancing team from around the Kansai area and active all over the country, to which back-up dancers of famous artists including Japan's leading Go-Go dancers team "CYBERJAPAN DANCERS" belong. SPECIAL LIVE STAGE
TEE /Jul. 28 8:10pm -
ET-KING /Jul. 28 9:35pm -
TEE has a natural smoky voice acclaimed as “ONLY ONE VOICE" and a unique career as a boxer. His songs include a series of smash hits of "Baby, I Love You", “Zutto feat. HAN-KUN & TEE" and others.
"A song is a letter." The ET-KING will send you a letter with a melody capable of instantly attracting you that is filled with a variety of Hip Hop.
Jul. 28 6:00pm -
DJs who are playing outstanding roles at the “MUSIC CIRCUS,” a representative music festival in Kansai, and night clubs across the country will produce a DJ TIME for one night only. Enjoy a grown-up playground unlike ordinary places.
【Night Bar】
Enjoy the space reserved for adults with alcoholic beverage and food available only at night.

10:00am, July 28 (Sat.) to 5:00pm, July 29 (Sun.), 2018
Kansai Internationa Airport South Square Special Stage
Around the Kansai Airport Station concourse
Terminal Sales Department, Kansai Airports TEL072-455-2080 (9:00 to 17:00 / Weekday)
*There are cases where the operation times or contents will be changed or stopped due to inclement weather or other situations without notice.