Airport Live Yu Watanabe

[Profile of Yu Watanabe]
Yu Watanabe is the first-prize winner of the 2006 National Fingerpicking Style Contest. In the following year, he played in the Walnut Valley Festival held in Kansas, U.S. by representing Japan.
He also started in 2010 as a picture book writer and published "Kuma no Maku." His unique worldview in a mix of a picture book with music gives a warm impression to viewers and listeners.
In 2015, he celebrated the 20th debut anniversary by releasing "Maku no Yakusoku" and "Baku no Yume" that are combined a picture book with a CD.
Hatsukoi" in "Baku no Yume" was recorded on the best album of Chikuzen Sato of Sing Like Talking, becoming a hot topic among people.
In 2018, he released the 16th CD "Kaze no Denwa" with Etsuko Hatsuta, a guest vocalist.
Currently he has been performing live more than 200 times a year in Japan, as well as he has been active in the U.S., Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.
His music of heart warming sound and picturesque scenes is very popular with many people.

Date and time
March 23, 2018 (Fri.)
20:05 to 21:00
Lobby stage on the 1st floor of North Terminal, Osaka International Airport
Participation fee
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Osaka International Airport and the Surrounding Area Activation Promotion Conference,
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