A collaboration event with Osaka’s Nipponbashi Shopping Street, regarded as a holy place of pop culture. A wide range of Japanese animation contents will be displayed.
The contents of the exhibition include figures of popular characters abroad as well as a promotion exhibition of "Theatrical Version Mazinger Z / INFINITY" to be released January 13th of next year.
Furthermore, there will be a UFO Robot Grendizer Shrine! At this Shrine we can pray for the safe travel of KIX customers.

■The main exhibition contents

●Theatrical Version Mazinger Z Promotion exhibition
We will present the first promotion exhibit of its kind within Japan in commemoration with the release of "Mazinger Z INFINITY" (scheduled to be released January 13th of next year) which will return to theaters for the first time in 45 years. We will also set up various exhibitions on Mazinger Z.
*Release of visual images & video clips of Mazinger Z INFINITY
*Life-size Mazinger Z figure exhibition
*Valuable figures, etc. exhibition

● Display of the UFO Robot Grendizer Shrine
As a guardian deity protecting the peace and security of the earth, we set up a "UFO Robot Grendizer" shrine with a life-size Grendizer figure as a goshintai (representation of Kami). At this shrine we will pray for the travel safety and air safety of all KIX customers.
*The Shrine was setup with prayers from "Senshuiwafune-Shrine," known as the shrine of aviation.

Only available at Kansai International Airport! You can use them to decorate your suitcase!
Original merchandise of the "UFO Robot Grendizer" Shrine, "Travel Safety / Air Safety" amulet stickers will be passed out to visitors!

· Distribution period: November 1st (Wednesday) – 24th (Friday)
· Distribution hours 10AM to 6PM
*If you would like an amulet sticker please ask the nearest staff in a maid costume. (The staff may be absent during certain hours)
*One amulet sticker per person.
*Distribution will end as soon as the stock of sticker runs out.

*Nov.24 (fri) : to 17:00
The central area on the 2nd floor of Terinal 1 Building, KIX Gallery, etc.