Europe TABIHAKU 2017

"Know. See. Feel. Europe."

Government Tourism Bureaus from each country in Europe, airlines flying to/from Kansai Airport and travel agencies will gather together to organize travel seminars and consultation sessions. We will deliver the latest information and the profound charm of Europe. After obtaining a variety of information at the "Europe TABIHAKU 2017," why not take a plunge and plan a trip to Europe this winter? With your family and friends, please come and visit "Europe TABIHAKU 2017!"

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[Air France presents, FM OH! Marché Coucou: Noriko Kato Special Talk Show]
From 15: 30
We welcome Noriko Kato, who has experience studying in France, as our guest and she will talk about the charm of France with DJ Izumi of FM OH!. At the end of the show, there will be a special raffle to win the merchandise of Air France!

[Author of "Travel Girl, the Joy of 3 laps around the Earth", Haruka Tajima (Taji-Haru) Talk Show]
From 14: 00
We welcome Haruka Tajima who has started a new profession, "Travel photo writer," that combines "Traveler," "Photographer," and "Writer," and we will present the charm of Europe with the photographs of her own European travels.

[Temporary special opening of the Wine shop "Enoteca" from Grand Front Osaka!]

[Sale of Miscellaneous goods from Morocco and the Czech Republic and original goods from KIX!]

Sunday, October 29, 2017
Event Laboratory of Knowledge Capital, inside Grand Front Osaka North Building B1F
Europe TABIHAKU 2017 Secretariat
TEL 06 - 6347 - 1489 (Business hours - 10AM to 5PM. Closed on Sat., Sun. and Holidays)