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Hotel NIKKO, AERO PLAZA 1F / Before security MAP

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Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours, 365 days a year
※ Closed from April 2 (Thu) 17:00 to April 16 (Thu) 7:00
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We have an abundant selection of boxed lunches, rice balls, drinks, cigarettes, daily goods, etc. We are in locations that are convenient when you are staying overnight at a hotel or have to come and go to and from international freight areas. An ATM is also available.

Karaage Kun

A masterpiece that has been very popular from the beginning (five pieces of deep fried chicken)
We use 100% young domestic chicken
We use healthy oil containing omega-3 for frying

Big Grilled Chicken

A feeling of overwhelming volume and select ingredients
We use Tamari soy sauce with characteristic depth and savory taste in our sauce. We use rock salt with a strong savory taste in our salt.

Dessert (Uchicafe)

This is Lawson’s original brand of sweets that is particular about its quality preparation method
Our premium roll cake with the deliciousness of select cream is our masterpiece.