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Relaxation Space

A relaxation space with over 500 locations across Japan. How about relaxing your body after a long trip?We recommend Reflexology for swollen legs, or Body Care for your lower back that aches after sitting for a long time.
All of our therapists await your visit.


You can enjoy a relaxing moment with our wonderful hand massaging techniques.
Body Care, Reflexology from 2,160 yen for 20 minutes
Face Therapy from 1,620 yen for 15 minutes
We also offer hand, neck, head, and other treatments.

Face Therapy

You don’t need to remove your makeup (a towel is placed over your face before massaging). 15 minutes, 1,620 yen
This option allows for deep relaxation, massaging your face, scalp muscles, and pressure points.
We recommend this option to those with eye fatigue, swollen or sagging faces, headaches, and dizziness, as well as those facing lots of stress or frustration.

Head and Shoulders

Your neck muscles and pressure points will be massaged with this option. 15 minutes, 1,620 yen
We recommend this option to those with stiff shoulders, neck fatigue, those in a hurry, and those who do not like face-down treatments.

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