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We hope to protect the eyes of travelers before they leave Japan. We offer a variety of Japanese-made sunglasses that feature highly-functional polarized lenses. They are great for UV protection, as well as for driving, golfing, fishing, and even for the health and beauty of your eyes. Come and try the clear view and comfortable fit of Izone sunglasses for yourself. We also offer a variety of UV-protecting hats, too.

iDrive Japanese-made Highly Functional Polarized Sunglasses

iDrive sunglasses are made with patented Japanese technology, and are highly functional and polarized. They offer protection, contrast, and superior clarity. While they are clearly made for driving, they are also great for fishing, golfing, and other sports. They feature 99.9%+ UV protection with a comfortable fit and Japanese-size frame. We’ve also introduced the iDrive premium model, featuring a higher-quality frame!
iDrive 9,800 yen (tax included)
iDrive premium 12,800 yen (tax included)

iProtect 2 Sunglasses for Preventing Eye Fatigue

The iProtect 2 sunglasses protect your eyes from fatigue caused by harmful rays of light. Many lenses in the industry are coated, and this coating gradually degrades over time. But the iProtect 2 uses lenses made with a mixture of rare metals. This leads to long-lasting protection, and a reduction of UV rays by 99.9%, blue light by about 50%, and near infrared radiation by about 40-60%. They are perfect for protecting your eyes from computer screens, smartphones, TVs, game consoles, or other devices, as well as high beams from passing cars at night.
iProtect 2: 12,500 yen (tax included)

iDrive-P444 Series Fit Over Sunglasses - Wear Them Over Your Regular Glasses

We developed lightweight, stylish, and comfortable sunglasses that can be worn over regular glasses, based on customer requests. They can also be worn by those without glasses, too. They use highly functional polarized lenses (same as iDrive), made in Sabae, Fukui.
iDrive-P444 Series 9,800 yen (tax included)

iDrive-P408 Series Lightweight and Compact Foldable Sunglasses

These compact foldable polarized sunglasses are great to take with you on a trip. They have a light fit thanks to the soft, yet durable frames. They use highly functional polarized lenses (same as iDrive), made in Sabae, Fukui.
iDrive-P408 Series 9,800 yen (tax included)

Prescription glasses & sunglasses in as little as 20 minutes!