Cocokara Fine (KIX International area)

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A healthy mind and body.

At our drug store, we offer the essentials, including popular items used as presents by our overseas visitors and necessary medicine and travel goods before departure.

Our popular face mask section

We offer a huge selection of face masks that are also prized as souvenirs. Stop by if you are interested, as we also have rare products that are not normally stocked in most stores in Japan.

We also have powdered green tea, cold drinks, alcohol, konjak jelly, light foods, etc.

We have powdered green tea and brown rice tea, popular as souvenirs, as well as konjak jelly, which is popular among our Korean customers. And we also stock snack foods (Calorie Mate, etc.), cold soft drinks, and alcohol for times when you need a drink or a quick bite to eat.

Offering various popular products at the drug store

We offer Japanese-made eye drops, compresses, and various types of medicine that are very popular abroad. (Eye drops, medicated compresses, skin creams, bug sprays, analgesics, cold medicine, stomach medicine, laxatives, supplements, etc.)

Travel Goods

We offer travel-size shampoo and other travel goods.

Our store is packed with products.

We also have baby goods, popular sunblock, health foods, supplements, beauty care items, and more.

Accessories, shampoos, etc.

We have all the items you'd expect at a drug store! Come stop by and have a look!