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We offer a wide range of various items such as confectionery/sweets for souvenirs, noodles, Japanese accessories, electric appliances, travel goods, snacks and bottled drinks. You can receive a 5% discount if you use an ANA credit card when purchasing. (Applicable for purchases of over 1000 yen. Cannot be used with other discounts and some products are excluded.) Please stop by when you traveling.

ANA FESTA Kansai International Gate Store 

It is located just off the International Terminal, North Wing Midway Station. It is possible to go back and forth to the main building using the shuttle. If you are coming from the South Wing and you have time, please stop by.

Japanese confectionery maker Ishiya's Shiroi Koibito and candy chocolate

From offer many products from Ishiya (Japanese confectionery maker in Hokkaido) including Shiroi Koibito, Mifuyu. We recommend the candy chocolate! This is the only store in Japan where you can purchase this item without having to go to Hokkaido. The sweet white chocolate has a texture similar to a crushed candy.

Hokkaido limited White Black Thunder (by Yuraku Confectionery Company)

Black Thunder is very popular overseas. As its name suggests, it is a black chocolate bar but there is "White Black Thunder" version which is usually only available in Hokkaido. The Hokkaido limited item which is manufactured at Yuraku confectionery's Sapporo factory is available exclusively at the ANA FESTA International Gate store. Cocoa biscuits are thickly coated with white chocolate, and a rich milky feel will spread in your mouth when you taste it.

"Aoki Shofuan" Tsukigesho

For customers boarding international flights, one of Osaka's new must-have gifts, the milky manju Tsukigesho is available at ANA FESTA. The yellow milk bun of "Tsukigesho" is round and evokes an image of a full moon.
There are plenty of fine butter and condensed milk in the white bean paste. It is a western-style Japanese sweet that combines a soft texture of skin with white bean paste which melts in your mouth.