Japanese Traditional

Terminal 1 3F / Before security MAP

Operating hours
Temporarily closed
No. of seats
116 seats
Telephone Number
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Credit cards accepted
Handling service
Complimentary amenities
KIX CARD perk: 10% discount on total price

We make our own udon noodles inside the shop! Genuine sanuki noodles with lightly-flavored Kansai dashi soup. You must try our full-bodied smooth-going udon noodles. A hearty bowl of udon noodles just for you.

Five-Piece Sushi and Beef Udon Set: ¥1,730 (incl. tax)

A luxurious set featuring a sushi assortment and a bowl of udon noodles, topped with beef slowly simmered in a sweet and savory soup.
Delicious food, and plenty of it!

Una-ju Eel Box Set: ¥2,000 (incl. tax)

Popular with visitors from foreign countries!
Also available with double eel for ¥2,600 (incl. tax) !

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