Terminal 1 3F / Before security MAP

Operating hours
Temporarily closed
No. of seats
66 seats (incl. 5 counter)
Telephone Number
Credit card
Credit cards accepted
Handling service
Complimentary amenities
KIX CARD perk: 10% discount on meal/drinks price

A Western-style restaurant proud of its steaks, grilled dishes and curry

We recommend our steak of pork, whole chicken or beef from Japan, the USA, Australia and other countries. Enjoy juicy steaks cooked on the hot plate.
Choose from a wide range of dishes, including 20 types of starters or snacks, substantial curry, pasta and other meals, or grilled prawns, salmon, marlin and other seafood.
Great for breakfast or a meal to set you up for your flight, or for a relaxing time after your arrival.

Breakfast menu with a wide variety of dishes

Our breakfast menu is available from 7:00 to 11:00 We also have baguettes and sweet pancakes available.

Manager's recommended steak and grill dish

We recommend trying the steak to taste the different flavors of the various regions.
Enjoy juicy steaks cooked on the hot plate.

A wide variety of dishes

We have a full range of standard Western dishes, including starters, pasta, hamburg steaks and curry.

A relaxed atmosphere

A cool space given a singular look with the white walls and coordinated furniture. A perfect place for taking some time out, for both adults and kids.

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